Pranera Digital Printing Services

We offer a wide range of services in the all over Digital Sublimation Printing to our customers. As part of our design service, our highly trained professional team will partner with you to convert your creative design to high quality digital image. As a value added service, we also offer a choice of synthetic fabric from our large inventory. With the help of state of the art Digital Printing machine, the digital image is then printed on to high quality digital paper and then transferred to synthetic fabric using the Sublimation process.


Select the Fabric

Choose from our fabrics of various textures and colours.


Design the Print

Bring us a design of your choice or choose from the multitude of designs that we have.


Print on the Roll

The design is printed on the fabric roll of your choice.


Sublimation Printing

High quality printing on fabric is made possible through sublimation printing.

Our Services Highlights:

  • Fabrics in a wide array of textures
  • Fast and reliable product delivery
  • 1000 metres of customised prints in a day
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Roll to roll and bit form sublimation printing
  • Excellent quality at a competitive price


You can bring your own fabrics for digital printing. You can also buy the fabrics at Pranera Textiles which houses a huge stock of polyester fabrics of every kind. You have access to a wide selection of high quality knitted, woven and special polyester fabrics at Pranera Textiles.

Sublimation printing works best on polyester and other synthetic fabrics. In this process the dye penetrates deep into the fabric rather than just on the surface. The dye particles bond best with 100% polyester. But we have a wide range of knitted, woven and special polyester fabrics that you can choose from; PP.Honeycomb, Polyester Viscose, Chiffon, Georgette, Poly Crepe, Low Gauge Polyester Plain and Slub, Spun Poly French Terry to name a few.

No, you need not always have to print in roll form. We do bit-form sublimation printing too.

We print fabrics up to 64" width and unlimited length. We have the capacity to churn out customised prints on fabric of up to 2000 metres a day.